About John

John Dzurka

John Dzurka has achieved Grand Master status within IPSC Canada in a short period of time and has consistently remained at this level for the last 13 years. John Dzurka is currently ranked as Canadian Champion (Standard Division) in Canada as with the most current 2022 National Standings. He has proven to be a solid performer by winning several Provincial Championships and local IPSC qualifiers. John has also participated at World Level Matches.

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Certification and Achievements

  • Grand Master I.P.S.C Canada
  • IPSC Canadian Champion (Standard Division)
  • Certified IPSC Chief Range Officer
  • Certified IPSC Black Badge Instructor
  • Glock Professional Instructor Certification
  • Glock Professional Armorer Certification
  • Practical Police Tactics and Training Certification
  • International Defensive Pistol Association Training
  • 20+ years Correctional Service
  • Certified Instructor for Armorer Car Security Services

John’s Training Methodology :

Consistency & Efficiency leads to Proficiency = Speed

John’s take is to keep things simple, by being Consistent and Efficient, as Efficiency leads to better Performance. He blends Competitive and Tactical shooting in one using aspects of both approaches to increase personal performance. 

Tactical is defined as taking “actions designed to accomplish a specific goal.”

John’s Goal – Increase Performance to achieve the best possible outcome in the least amount of time. As a competitive shooter this achieves better scores.

The competitive arena has proven itself in pushing oneself to the extreme racing against the clock and other shooters. John has hard work ethic that translates in the training and practice experience. John has the ability to facilitate and develop training drills for all levels of shooters from beginners to advanced.

John’s Objective – 

To enhance my ability of firearm training and pass along skills and knowledge I have learned to others. 

To strongly promote safety at all times either in classroom and range settings. 

To have students leave my classes with a higher level of safety and confidence in handling firearms.